Good Samaritan

Aim: As the name indicates this mission is dedicated to those who are not members of any church, strangers who are almost excluded from society and all those who may not have an electoral card or any identity at all. The society calls them vagabonds, platform dwellers, beggars and so on, we call them neighbours and children of God. Yes, its the very same people sitting outside churches and cemeteries waiting eagerly to get lucky and own one of the coins or goodies dropping from the few ‘Good Samaritans’.

Target: Vagabonds, platform dwellers, beggars in and around the church

Duration: Weekly

Cost per person: Approx. Rs. 50/- (US$ 1)

Nos. aimed: 100 beneficiaries weekly.

Model: The scheme encourages all Good Samaritans to send or drop their goodies in cash or kind at the church office and let the church do the disbursement. This ensures that everything gets uniformly distributed among the beneficiaries and existing disparity and luck factor  don’t play a spoil sport. So what are you waiting for. Bring all those coins, notes, clothes, accessories and we’ll make it easily accessible to them.